Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is my latest collection of St.Lenny men's t shirts that I've just released. For this collection I've used an open weave fabric of about 110grams which is a pretty cool, super soft fabric.

There are 3 colours in the collection being black, white and pigment black (which is more of an old school black). The pigment black is not as soft as the black and white styles due to the pigment dyeing process...however the colour is super super good, so you get over that the slight difference in hand feel pretty quickly.

All styles have been given a heavy enzyme wash and our unique "fresh laundry" fragrant in the industrial laundry process. Most of the prints are waterbased, so again a really soft hand feel. The exception to this is the pigment black... which, due to the dyeing process I had to print a soft hand plastisol to get the image colours right.

All St.Lenny men's t shirts shown are available from Australia's premium boutiques...and are 100% AUSTRALIAN MADE.
The RRP of the tees are $89.00AUD.

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men's t shirts - may1
T1. Calibra T2. The Big Blue T3. Columbian Courier
men's t shirts - may2
T1. Blurred Vision T2. Go Bananas T3. Cubed
st.lenny men's t shirts - may june
T1. Toledo T2. Acid Chess T3. Hungry Like the Wolf
st.lenny men's t shirts - may june 1T1. Colarado T2. Blurred Vision

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